Friday, December 31, 2010

Hanson Dry in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn is my 2010 top pic for a new bar /lounge

I was recently invited to attend the opening of this truly exquisite, cozy yet sleek space. As I walked into Hanson Dry, I was softly blown away by the decor which is seductively compared to a "fifties throwback motif". While throwback is used as a nostalgic gesture, the warmth of the light blue and wood walls are neatly balanced and the Restroom in script is duly noted.

Many of the invitees, were smiling and delightfully chatting all in a row at the 26 foot American Oakwood, hand crafted L-shaped bar. I was aroused by group of booze enthusiast and quickly took a seat. I glanced over this bar's modest selection of liquors, wines,vodkas, and beers. Liquor 43 (is a Spanish type of liquor), there is a selection of red wines (Argentian & California) and a selection of white wines (Italian Pinot Griot and Californian Riesling). In addition, there are several types of Vodka which include Skyy and Stoi and eight distinct beers to name a few.

After glancing over the bar's offerings, I decided to order a Kiev Kooler from Chris (co-owner with Matt and Toly) which is a perfectly mix of cherry vodka and lime served in a chilled martini glass which is now my favorite. With the hint of cherry still dancing on my palate, I was swaying to the grooving sounds of Stevie Wonder. I was OVERJOYED to learn that in addition to the lounge that has " a feeling apart of a group" this bar offers an outdoor section to continue the party from spring to summer and fall.

Hanson Dry is located at 925 Fulton Street between Clinton Street and Waverly Place.

Make sure you make Hanson Dry your new place to sip and honor the drink right away!