Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obama Bash and Fundraiser today @ The Candy Rush kicks off at 10am until 3pm

As the election voting nears, one women decided to jump start a grassroots idea and gathered several merchants of Crown Heights together to host a local fundraiser for Obama.  I was able to catch Ms. Raquel Wexler who gave me the skinny on this grand idea!!!!

KrystalKnows: Why did you want to start a fundraiser in your community?

Raquel Wexler:  To get local merchant to participate in fundraising and community mobilization. 

KrystalKnows: What are the details of this event?

Raquel Wexler:  This is the second  fundraiser event which will be held at The Candy Rush.. The bash/fundraiser  begins at 10am.  A pledge of $10 will go to the Obama Victory Fund.and can be made with cash, check and online donation on the spot at the event.   Each person that donates will be given a donation form.   The Candy Rush will offer a scope of ice cream and BCakeNY will provide cupcakes for this event.  Assemblymen Hakeem Jeffries will make an appearance at 10:45!!!

Krystal Knows:  How long have you been a resident of Crown Heights?

Raquel Wexler:  I have lived in the Crown Heights area for five years and originally I am from Houston, Texas. 

So come on down and give to the cause, get a cupcake and ice cream!!!!  See you all at this event........