Monday, February 7, 2011

New York City is no longer a cup cake town. It's Pie time!!!

The cup cake phenomenon is diminishing down after a great run. Could it be that New Yorkers with a sweet tooth have had one too many red-velvet cup cakes? Or, maybe during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays some of us rediscovered PIES as a after dinner dessert!

Cup cake vs. Pie..
For me, a cup cake is a selfish little treat that fast became my guilty pleasure. I have a big heart and tend to share EVERYTHING with my family and friends except my fella of nearly four years:) So, this little hand held sweet treat was just for me and I began to overindulge. I sought after and chased down every lead that pointed me in the direction of a sweet and unique cup cake. I often lingered in City Bakery in Chelsea to sample their modest selection and even spent a fortune at Crumbs over a period of a year.

Pies are a different kind of desert since they are usually bought during the holidays to be shared with family and friends or at events for a tasting. Yeah... Recently I was invited to attend an event thrown by the extremely talented, Communications Expert Ms. Jezra Kaye ( During the course of the evening, the ladies who created LumpaSuga, home-baked Premium Desserts,( arrived with their pies for a tasting. Well first there was silence that fell over the room and then a rush ensued by the attendees to sample the pies. At first, all I could do is close my eyes and smell the sweet scents of cinnamon, brown sugar followed by apple. I leaned over the crowd ( I am 5"11) and looked at these perfectly round delights. I sampled the Pa_Pa Original Sweet Potato that was so creamy and immediately the hints of cinnamon played with my palate. I also sampled the Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin which made my nostrils flare due to the aroma and then my mouth watered anticipating the taste of the delicate balance of walnuts which was amazing.

So to all my fellow sweet lovers get into the " know " and let go of the cup cake notion cause New York City is now a Pie time!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In it's 37th year, Line, the NYC smash play remains brillantly fresh

Recently, on a bitchly cold saturday evening, I jumped on the iron horse which screeched no gallopped to union square. The cold winds slammed aginat my cheeks while i rushed due to the cold and the anticipation of seeing the longest running play in New York City history.

As I enterd the box office area, I arrived on time and waiting to see Line. As soon as I entered the the threate and looked upon the black stage I knew I was in for a treat. In the middle of the stage stood a obvious sports enthursiac dress from head to toe in sports paraphanelia and standing in front of a perfect straight line.

During the course of the play, which connects and heightens as each chartacter entered this line awaiting something? The first to join is a young adult Mozart finantic, followed by a playboy and a cookey husband and his kitness wife. All of the actors were surpurpe however the mozart was and my favaortie was the herione wife who enteres the line, causes an upset to this .