Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

BROOKLYN FIT LAB is now open for all your fitness pleasures!!!

Chadon Charles is firing off on yet another project but this time it is adjacent to the tree line streets of Franklin Ave.   This gentleman took Franklin Ave by storm and opened a Brooklyn Ink Spot, a tattoo shop, then Bella Greens, a salad and sandwich shop and now on Sterling Place stands Brooklyn Fit Lab.  He was able to open all three places in less than five years. However, while Crown Heights residents run to catch up with him for training, Mr. Charles slowed down just long enough to reveal the intimate details of his latest endevor to Krystal Knows!!!. 

Krystal Knows: So tell me about Brooklyn Fit Lab.
Chadon Charles: This 1000 foot studio is a large yet bright space which will be open six days of the week and is “dedicated to all areas of human movement, dance and small group training”.
Krystal Knows: What type of training will be provided to its clients?
Chadon Charles: It will provide the latest training in the areas of Performance Endurance, Pre and Post-Natal , Boxing and Kick Boxing, Strength Conditioning, Lash Therapy and Corrective Exercise. In addition, there will be classes featuring Palates, Total Body Conditioning, NIMA, Sculpting, Yoga and Pole Dancing!!!!
Krystal Knows: Will you provide any specialty classes?
Chadon Charles: Brooklyn Fit Lab will also offer a Ballet for Kids class which will run every semester during a six to eight week session.
Krystal Knows: What is your background in Fitness?
Chadon Charles: I am expert trainer mainly in the area of corrective fitness and I have worked with hundreds of clients over a 10+ career span. I began my career in sales "to sell the idea of the importance of fitness".  However, I was interested in doing more that just selling an idea. So, I made a lateral move from sales to fitness instructor. I enjoy helping people and teaching about weight loss.
Krystal Knows: Where is Brooklyn Fit Lab?
Chadon Charles: It is located at 645 Sterling Place at the corner of Franklin Ave in the heart Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.
Note: This fitness space is located in the heart of Crown Heights but steps away from such destinations as the Brooklyn Museum, Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park.   Brooklyn Fit Lab is now open for all your fitness pleasures!!!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

West Indian Kiddie Parade Today.......

At this very moment, the Kiddie Parade is traveling along Franklin Ae and heading over to cease at the Brooklyn Museum. This parade is amonst my favorite.  Many of the particpants are under the age of ten years old and dress up in Costome dance while the mobile DJ stations blast all the classic carribean tunes from various countries. 

Check out the footage and enjoy this weekend entire events scheduled that lead up the this years annual West Indian Day Parade.!!!!!!

Krystal Knows is back after a long break.....