Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milton Washington will be reading an excerpt of Slickyboy at Franklin Park this Monday at 8pm.

Milton Washington is one of five writers scheduled to open at this week's Franklin Park Reading series "Love Stories" where the extremely talented Penina Roth is the curator. This powerful event has been mentioned in such newspapers including The New York Times, the New Yorker, Time Out and the Village voice to name a few that will take from 8pm to 10pm in the crown heights section of Brooklyn.

Washington will read an excerpt from his manuscript Slickyboy which has received quite a bit of chatter therefore I had to land an interview with this newbie writer. My interview gives a sneak peak of Washington's inspiration behind this piece along with his unique experience that led him to change his career from computers to become a writer.

Krystal Knows: So I understand that you are still working on the manuscript of a Memoir titled "Slickyboy". Would you mind describing this book in progress in your own words?

Milton Washington: First of all, Slickyboy, is a Korean term which means, thief, and is often referred to as homeless children on the street that may commit robbery. I want the reader to recognize that this is a love story between mother and a son and just like a good love story there is drama which is all I am willing to share for now, which is said with a smile. While reading Slickyboy, the reader will get a clearer understanding of the Korean culture.

Krystal Knows: When will the memoir be launched?

Milton Washington: I think that the full manuscript will be completed by the end of 2011 however it will be launched summer of 2012.

Krystal Knows: How does a guy go from a career as a Business Systems Analyst to becoming a writer?

Milton Washington: Basically I went to High School in Indianapolis, Indiana where i often asked about my early childhood in Korea. The questions eventually drove the story behind Slickyboy and then the notion about writing was born. One night, my god-daughter had a writing assignment and decided to ask me about Korea. It wasn't until one train ride home that I began to write about my entire Korea experience in great detail. I came up with the idea for my god-daughter to continue to email me questions about Korea on a weekly basis (this went on for six months) and I would respond. After many years of living in New York City, I took a creative writing workshop taught by Michel Marriott at the Fredrick Douglas Creative Art center on 96th and Broadway, New York City. It was at the art center, where I developed my writing skills to begin this manuscript.

Krystal Knows: What will be your next project?

Milton Washington: After the completion of Slickyboy which I plan to turn into a screenplay for a movie!!!

About Milton Washington
According to Ms. Roth, who indicates that MILTON WASHINGTON was born in South Korea, then adopted and brought to the United States in 1979. He attended Northwestern University on a football scholarship, but dropped out due to an injury. He earned a BA in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University. He has worked for a Fortune 500 engineering company and held positions in media sales and business development. Washington currently lives in West Harlem and is a new dad to baby Miles.

Stop on down with a date or go stag and listen to some great writing. This week's reading series "will set the mood with candy hearts, romantic cocktails and $4 pints".!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!!