Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st Annual Crab Boil Brought to you by Franklin Park and Brooklyn Brewery

Just moments ago, I was jumping in my Joan and David high heels only to run to this event.

As I walked in the door of Franklin Park ( FP),I can smell the aroma of old bay and Brooklyn Brewery Octoberfest. A hugh pot is on an open flame which when the temperature is right, in goes the crabs.... The entire garden is full of hungry crab enthustics as myself so this a short blog post.

Come on down and grab a pither of Brooklyn Brewery Octoberfest Beer for $17 bucks and a dozen of crabs for $18 that comes with a mallet and a bib.

This even lt is running until all are demolished.

See ya here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aretha Franklin at Coney Island was awesome.

Over the summer,I went to see the highly anticipated Aretha Franklin's "Queen of Soul's" concert. The Seaside Concert took place at Seaside in Coney Island. Tens of thousands turned out and waited on line for hours without any complaints. The open to the public line was wrapped along block and stretched onto the beach. Instead of wait on the enormous line, I along with many fans found a space on the boardwalk, opened my sheet and popped a squat. It was litterly chair to blanket.

I was settled for a short period of time and then Ms. Franklin glided on stage in a conture drapped gown an bellows out several tune such as JUMP TO IT and I only stayed a short period of time but it was well worth the hour ride commute.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Saturday and Sunday-Pig Roast and Claim Bake in Long Island City!!!;Immediate Nationwide Air Fare blowout sale!!!


I love three things which are sales, food and travel!!!

One of my favorite websites that I use to find great travel deals is

Upon registering for this site, Hotwire will send travel tickler email alerts which boast super travel deals which are time sensative. So forget your woes, sign up at Hotwire and grab a flight and relax!!!

Happy traveling!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"The Candy Rush" has opened today; Mos Def at Fort Green Park today.....

Franklin Ave is transforming at lighteng speed thanks to the efforts of Kevin and Garnet with today's grand opening of The Candy Rush.!!!

I was invited to attend and believe me this vintage "Candy Land and Ice Cream shop by day and eclectic event space by night "is a "sweet and fresh addition to the community". The founders, Kevin Philip and Garnett Alcindor, just simply get it so right. This 1200 foot space tantalizes the most overt sweet tooth. As I entered this spot, I rushed over to see a candy selection as high as the cathedral ceiling stacked with candy buttons, sugar daddies and lickerish just to name a few. The decor is just as sweet with a wood bench built with actual candy and exposed brick that pops!!!

But that is not all folks!!!! My taste buds WOKE UP only to be blown away while walking past the ice cream parlor that offers Blue Marble "creamy" Ice cream in such wonderful flavors and can be decorated with naughty toppings such as sprinkles and M&M's ect . In this section, you may order a cone or be daring to purchase a root beer float or milkshake. Feel free to try the perfectly balanced juice prepared by Chef Shani Porter (Food Network).

I lost it and order bags of candy while sampling the delightful Blueberry Blue Marble ice cream and needed to sit down. So I simply walked out into the backyard and noticed the custom made wood tables where I relaxed. Yet this deck as the evening is drawing, is prime for a couple to nestle while sharing a cup of ice cream while star gazing.

The Candy Rush address is 733 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, New York and the location is steps away from the Brooklyn Public Library, Bontanical Gardens and the Brooklyn Museum. Hours are Monday through Saturday 10am to 10pm and Sunday 11am -6pm.


Mos Def is the headliner for the 2011 Fort Greene Festival and according to the website which indicates "Fort Greene festival is a music, film, and cultural festival that brings over 10,000 people to Fort Greene to celebrate one of Brooklyn's most vibrant and artistic enclaves. Fort Greene Festival provides local performing arts and community media programs that reflect Fort Greene's diverse community." This event kicked off at Noon and will end at 10pm.........

Twitter is CandyRushNYC

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Eats Street Meat Style!!!!!!

While taking a stroll in my 'hood', I came upon a row of street meat venders now @Grand Army Plaza. This event is being sponsored by Prospect Park and is called "Food Truck Rally" which will take place every 3rd Sunday until October 16, 2011.

This interesting street meat festival is live. It begins at the mouth of prospect park directly across from Brooklyn (grand army plaza) library..... A foodie has the opportunity to grab a bite from an assortment of international cuisines- to low fat ice cream. Prices start at $2.50 which is a great deal.

So grab your partner by the hand, run on down and support a street meat vender.....

Happy Fathers day all !!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alex Fasko's amazing photo' s are @ DSL ,281 Layafette street now

At this very moment, I am here at the DSL flag ship stor to view Alex Fasko" Fast or Die photo exhibit".     Fasko's work a photographer has been compared nearly to a war photographer.  His images seems rough and intense which depicts that he is wiling to take a risk.  For example, this daring artist shot several images in an actual subway tunnel. Due to his amazing talent, he wa choosen as one of several artist to showcase their best work on DSl spring / summer tee-shirt collection.   

Thursday, March 31, 2011

In need of an graphic designer on the fly? Then check out Graphic Design by R.Abbott!!!

I was introduced to this wonderful designer a few years back, however recently her work is popping up all over town. So I tracked down this artist and she shared a thing or two about work.

Krystal Knows!!!: Do you have a background in graphic design?

R.Abbott Designs:My background is in digital imaging, animation, and theatre costume design. It's actually funny, because when I began formulating my artistic identity in college (as cliche as that sounds...) I was positive that I did not want to be a graphic designer. At the time I felt that doing commercial artwork was selling out. So I took no classes in graphic design at all. I gained my technical knowledge through my photo editing classes, and eventually when I started working in advertising I realized that I was a pretty skilled designer. Working for that agency taught me the most about creating compelling images, and also about the in's and out's of the creative industry. I guess I still feel that graphic design is selling out, but I suppose I'm more comfortable selling out this skill than some of my others. Like, I don't think I would be happy being a professional crocheter, as much as I love doing it. But, everyone is a sell out on some level.

Krystal Knows!!!: Why is graphic design your passion?

R.Abbott Designs:I guess I wouldn't really call graphic design my passion. I love being a creative person. I love composition theory. I love thinking about the people who see my work. But, I feel I am destined for something beyond print design. Right now I am waiting to hear back about grad school (fingers crossed!), where I hope to gain more technical skills in a new wave of media technology. I'm interested in leaping into the world of interactivity, bridging the gap between the screen and the real world. I'm also interested in taking this new knowledge to promote better public media education. At this point in history every 10 year old in the country should understand how to use a video camera, edit a video, and share it with the world. I believe this goal is my passion.

Krystal Knows!!!: Are you planning on starting your own graphic design boutique?

R.Abbott Designs:In a way I am my own company right now. I call myself R.Abbott Design (I know, not very original... but it works). I'm working on developing a more formal structure for myself as a company. Eventually it would be really nice to work in a space with other freelancers, just as other breathing beings to make jokes with and force you to eat something once in a while. I enjoy doing my work alone for now, as it allows me to be more flexible and build my portfolio, but I could certainly foresee a partnership down the road.

Krystal Knows!!!: What is your favorite aspect of graphic design?

R.Abbott Designs: I have two favorite things about graphic design. The first is the process of finding inspiration from the goal of the project. (Maybe that is too cryptic). I think a lot of about the audience of any piece that I create. It's amazing the ideas that will come to you when you attempt to put yourself in the place of a person who may want a certain product. Sometimes I'll literally try to imaging being that person, and look at my design and gauge my emotions. I also do a lot of research. I've never been a 40 year old man before so I have to read a little to get a sense of that state of mind.

My second favorite aspect of graphic design is that feeling when you finally make the client happy. Most design projects can drag on a lot longer than you expected that they would. You have to change little details, or they aren't sure they like the color, or they want to go back to version two and change the font. It can be really exhausting but when they finally look at it and can't see anything wrong... then you won... then you get paid.

Visit her website and view her portfolio at:

Monday, February 7, 2011

New York City is no longer a cup cake town. It's Pie time!!!

The cup cake phenomenon is diminishing down after a great run. Could it be that New Yorkers with a sweet tooth have had one too many red-velvet cup cakes? Or, maybe during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays some of us rediscovered PIES as a after dinner dessert!

Cup cake vs. Pie..
For me, a cup cake is a selfish little treat that fast became my guilty pleasure. I have a big heart and tend to share EVERYTHING with my family and friends except my fella of nearly four years:) So, this little hand held sweet treat was just for me and I began to overindulge. I sought after and chased down every lead that pointed me in the direction of a sweet and unique cup cake. I often lingered in City Bakery in Chelsea to sample their modest selection and even spent a fortune at Crumbs over a period of a year.

Pies are a different kind of desert since they are usually bought during the holidays to be shared with family and friends or at events for a tasting. Yeah... Recently I was invited to attend an event thrown by the extremely talented, Communications Expert Ms. Jezra Kaye ( During the course of the evening, the ladies who created LumpaSuga, home-baked Premium Desserts,( arrived with their pies for a tasting. Well first there was silence that fell over the room and then a rush ensued by the attendees to sample the pies. At first, all I could do is close my eyes and smell the sweet scents of cinnamon, brown sugar followed by apple. I leaned over the crowd ( I am 5"11) and looked at these perfectly round delights. I sampled the Pa_Pa Original Sweet Potato that was so creamy and immediately the hints of cinnamon played with my palate. I also sampled the Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin which made my nostrils flare due to the aroma and then my mouth watered anticipating the taste of the delicate balance of walnuts which was amazing.

So to all my fellow sweet lovers get into the " know " and let go of the cup cake notion cause New York City is now a Pie time!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

In it's 37th year, Line, the NYC smash play remains brillantly fresh

Recently, on a bitchly cold saturday evening, I jumped on the iron horse which screeched no gallopped to union square. The cold winds slammed aginat my cheeks while i rushed due to the cold and the anticipation of seeing the longest running play in New York City history.

As I enterd the box office area, I arrived on time and waiting to see Line. As soon as I entered the the threate and looked upon the black stage I knew I was in for a treat. In the middle of the stage stood a obvious sports enthursiac dress from head to toe in sports paraphanelia and standing in front of a perfect straight line.

During the course of the play, which connects and heightens as each chartacter entered this line awaiting something? The first to join is a young adult Mozart finantic, followed by a playboy and a cookey husband and his kitness wife. All of the actors were surpurpe however the mozart was and my favaortie was the herione wife who enteres the line, causes an upset to this .

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milton Washington will be reading an excerpt of Slickyboy at Franklin Park this Monday at 8pm.

Milton Washington is one of five writers scheduled to open at this week's Franklin Park Reading series "Love Stories" where the extremely talented Penina Roth is the curator. This powerful event has been mentioned in such newspapers including The New York Times, the New Yorker, Time Out and the Village voice to name a few that will take from 8pm to 10pm in the crown heights section of Brooklyn.

Washington will read an excerpt from his manuscript Slickyboy which has received quite a bit of chatter therefore I had to land an interview with this newbie writer. My interview gives a sneak peak of Washington's inspiration behind this piece along with his unique experience that led him to change his career from computers to become a writer.

Krystal Knows: So I understand that you are still working on the manuscript of a Memoir titled "Slickyboy". Would you mind describing this book in progress in your own words?

Milton Washington: First of all, Slickyboy, is a Korean term which means, thief, and is often referred to as homeless children on the street that may commit robbery. I want the reader to recognize that this is a love story between mother and a son and just like a good love story there is drama which is all I am willing to share for now, which is said with a smile. While reading Slickyboy, the reader will get a clearer understanding of the Korean culture.

Krystal Knows: When will the memoir be launched?

Milton Washington: I think that the full manuscript will be completed by the end of 2011 however it will be launched summer of 2012.

Krystal Knows: How does a guy go from a career as a Business Systems Analyst to becoming a writer?

Milton Washington: Basically I went to High School in Indianapolis, Indiana where i often asked about my early childhood in Korea. The questions eventually drove the story behind Slickyboy and then the notion about writing was born. One night, my god-daughter had a writing assignment and decided to ask me about Korea. It wasn't until one train ride home that I began to write about my entire Korea experience in great detail. I came up with the idea for my god-daughter to continue to email me questions about Korea on a weekly basis (this went on for six months) and I would respond. After many years of living in New York City, I took a creative writing workshop taught by Michel Marriott at the Fredrick Douglas Creative Art center on 96th and Broadway, New York City. It was at the art center, where I developed my writing skills to begin this manuscript.

Krystal Knows: What will be your next project?

Milton Washington: After the completion of Slickyboy which I plan to turn into a screenplay for a movie!!!

About Milton Washington
According to Ms. Roth, who indicates that MILTON WASHINGTON was born in South Korea, then adopted and brought to the United States in 1979. He attended Northwestern University on a football scholarship, but dropped out due to an injury. He earned a BA in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University. He has worked for a Fortune 500 engineering company and held positions in media sales and business development. Washington currently lives in West Harlem and is a new dad to baby Miles.

Stop on down with a date or go stag and listen to some great writing. This week's reading series "will set the mood with candy hearts, romantic cocktails and $4 pints".!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!!