Monday, January 4, 2010

Pink Tea Cup is closing only Temporary until February 2010

Over the weekend, a good friend of mine called me to sadly mention that " The Pink Tea Cup restaurant, located in the West Village of NYC, is closing on Sunday, January 2, forever. I am dramatic, so I gasped for air. My mind immediately flipped back to nearly twenty years ago, to a distant memory, I had nearly forgotten. It was the year 1993 and my now ex (who is happy married) (I am in a wonderful relationship to my soul mate) wanted to take me to a restaurant, that he considered to be quaint, stylish and served some "slamming southern food". He scooped me from work, gave me a kiss and off we ran to The Pink Tea Cup. We arrived at this tiny eatery with foggy windows. But once I entered this place, a warm feeling fell over me and my nostrils began to flare caused by the sweet aroma of mac and cheese, collards and ribs. Oh wee... I had the golden fried whiting fish, sweet potato salad and spicy collards followed with bread pudding. That was the closest to a home cooked southern meal, I have ever experienced at an eatery!!!

Then my mind snapped back to the present and I was very sad. So, I jumped on my computer and located this article on the Village Voice blog " The Pink Tea Cup Closes..... But Owner Plans To Reopen Nearby" by Roy Edroso. I am so relieved and will probably see you at The New Pink Tea Cup upon it's reopening....

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