Friday, February 12, 2010

Come and experience a real LoveJones NYC this Monday at Sylvia's!!!'

Imagine being serenaded by Sophia Nicole and J-Harris sultry voices, wooed by dancer LaShonna, while glancing across the room, to view Fernando Mora's whimsical brush strokes creating a vibrant masterpiece. But wait!!! All this and more, is a show called, the LoveJones NYC, an event which takes place at the famous Sylvia's Also Lounge in Harlem. It begins at 7:30 and will occur in room swirling with hints of nutmeg, orange, jalapenos, and rosemary simply completing this LoveJones tantalizing experience!!!

What is this LoveJones NYC event?

Love Jones NYC is a live Music, Dance, Poetry, Live Art show that has been mentioned in several publications such as the NY Daily News, Post and Heed Magazine.

J-Harris, creator and host of LoveJones NYC, explains this concept best "I wanted to create something different, something uplifting and event that truly celebrated the arts, as I presented the best in live music, spoken word, dance, fashion and live art,"Fleming explained. "We are very excited that we have had sold out nights since our first show." Visit the website for further information.

This show is a must see! See you there and maybe you will meet the face behind Krystal Knows!!!.

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