Sunday, April 11, 2010

I strolled over to Bristens Eatery to work on my blog but I was delightfully interrupted by a Tofu Scramble W Vegan Sausage dish!!!

I went to my favorite local eatery for bunch to work on a writing piece but instead I was delightfully interrupted. I never look on their menu because I know it so well. Therefore I glanced over at the overhead board and noticed their new Tofu Scramble W Vegan Sausage dish and then my mouth started to water. Yet, I am now a meat eater (former vegan). I ordered the dish which was amazing with flavor, color, perfect serving portion and extremely fresh. The Tofu Scramble was fluffy, light and seasoned, the vegan sausage was juicy and golden brown.

So if you are at or near Franklyn Ave, simply drop in for brunch or lunch and dive into one of their scrumptious big beef burgers. In the mood for a sandwich? Try their specialty, such as the St. Johns Turkey, Provolone cheese , pear and mayo sandwich, which is named sandwich of the month, just to name a few. Bristens Eatery is located at 751 Franklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, tele number 646. 393.9422, closed on Mondays. Become a fan and follow on Twitter
Bon Appetite.
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