Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crown Heights residents take a stand against Pawn Shop opening!!!

At this very moment, a rally is taking place over the opening of a Pawn Shop on Franklin Ave near Park Place. Hundreds of Crown Heights residents are taking a stand to the street by expressing their anger over this newbie shop owner. Several politicians such as Leticia James along with Senator Adams along with Crow Hill Community Association showed up in support of the rally.

There is good reason for this outrage. Franklin Ave has gone through it's share of troubles in the past from crime and violence. As a result, at times, there were vacant store fronts which were an eyesore to the community. Recently, this neighborhood has changed it's look to add murals, a fancy tee shirt company (About Time), restaurants (95 South,Bristons, Sushi Tatsu, Dutch Boy Burger, Happy Wok, ect ) Beer Garden (Franklin Park) and coffee shops (Breukelen Coffee, Pulp and Bean). Many of the shop owners have received favorable press mentions such as The New York Times which has keep great residents and has attracted new ones.

This rally will take place over the next several hours with a press conference scheduled immediately afterwards.

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