Friday, September 11, 2009

Jigga" performed on the Madison Garden stage and kicked off his highly anticipated benefit concert, Answer The Call, held on Friday, Sept 11, 2009.

Dressed in a black tee shirt, a pair of black jeans, a black leather jacket and shades, Jay Z, affectionately known as "Jigga" performed on the Madison Garden stage and kicked off his highly anticipated benefit concert, Answer The Call, held on Friday, Sept 11, 2009. This show is being aired on Cablevison, Fuse channel 78, from 9pm to 11pm. According to Fuse's website,which indicated that "the tickets and merchandise sales from this benefit concert will be donated to the New York Police and Fire Windows' and Children Fund". Jay Z performed with a live band complete with a horn section, guitarist and a powerful drummer. With the help of Fuse broadcasting this show, Jay Z's adoring fans had another opportunity to watch the concert, that sold out in twelve minutes, from the coziness of his and her own home.

By the time third song , Public Service Announcement, came on and Jay Z shouted the lyrics " Allow me to reintroduce myself" an already exhilarated crowd roared screams and chants of theses lyric in sync with great performer! It was an interesting choice to sing this tune early on in the concert since this is an obvious closer. But instead of doing the expected, Jay Z screamed "I think there are ready" and the pumped the song. Several surprise guest came on stage to play along with Jigga's band. A intense John Mayer, struck each cord on the guitar for the song , Roc, on this electrified the stage complete with red, yellow and blue blinding lights. Jay Z reminds that crowd that New York is resilient city after the 9/11 tragedy,with the lyrics" now we stand here tonight eight years later, even stronger, even stronger , even stronger, .... we run this town". Immediately after the speech, Rhianna , scantly dressed in a black leotard black top secured only with a metallic belt, makes her appearance on the stage singing the hook "We gonna run this town tonight" along with Kenye West. This crowd went ballistic with shouting, stomping and clapping. Both Rhianna and Kenye, rocked the stage in unison to hype up this crowd! I must say from a publicist prospective this is a genius marketing move to strengthen Rhianna image!

Nearly an hour into the show, Bounce, also in a leotard, suddenly appears on stage ,with four dancers and jumped, kicked , and cat walked during her short yet magnetic performance. Pharrel ran on stage to perform along with this Hip-Hop mogul, "I'm A Hustler Baby" and the fans bobbed their heads and waved their hands to this catchy tune. The image above is taken while Jay Z is singing "Baby I Know". Then the crowd yelled Mary, Mary as the Queen of Hip-Hop Ms. Mary J Blige came upon the stage to accompany Jay Z to sing . Toward the closing of the concert, Jigga bellowed " It A Hard Knocks Life" which caused the crowd to sway back and forth. Prior to the end of this fantastic concert, a moment of silence was observed for the loved one families and immediately after an impressive technology stunt that displayed digital pictures of the victims from 9/11 within a Twin Tower image. This was a great concert for all!
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