Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park opens today!!!

According to NY 1, all of Brooklyn is buzzing over the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge Park today, June 5.

What is all the hype about Brooklyn Bridge Park?
This park is massive (1.6 acres) offering, a clean outdoor space, sure to please all ages.

Brooklyn largest sand box and whimsical slides which will attract those busy tike's.

For the adults, a winding stretch of walkway guarantees to get the blood pumping and of course this park has a Dogie run!!!

In addition, a free ferry ride leaves from this park and arrives in a whopping three minute at the famous Governor Island ,, where an Art Exhibit lies, bike rentals are plenty, along with row of hammocks for viewing the skyline at ease.

So don't remain in the house and sweat. Simply jump on the train, bike or drive to this new outdoor haven and have a blast!!!

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