Saturday, June 12, 2010

Franklin Park is showing the Britain vs. USA game now!!!

I am here at Franklin Park since they are showing the, FIFA World Cup series, on a projector screen in the garden and a ten dollar Stellar beer, Dutch Boy burger with Fries Special at Dutch Boy Burger. The momentum has been increasing by the millisecond and now the game has begun and this spot has standing room only. Whoa!!!

I recently learned of an ugly urban legend that Americans don't watch the World Cup which is crap. Here in America, there is nothing but appreciation for this game. Trash Talking against the rival Britain team has hit an all time high!!! Even some of the patrons here who are American are even routing for other Non-American teams. Being a newbie fan of soccer and watching this world cup will give me the best opportunity to learn about the best players,beginning in a kicking short span of time!

So come on down and watch the entire FIFA World Cup series on the screen in the Garden, showing until 4pm and sample this great food special, along with happy hour offering $4 dollar beer specials.!!!

About Franklin Park
According to the website,,"Franklin Park, FP, was built in early 2008, from the rubble of a dilapidated mechanics garage (small bar). We opened the last week of April "08". Franklin Park serves many delicious types of domestic and global Beer, Whiskey, and Cognac to name a few. They also offer an array of award winning wines and specialty cocktails such as a Blood Orange Margarita! Happy hours are 4pm to 7pm. Open seven days a week. Yard closes at 11am weekdays and 1am weekends. 681 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, NY (between Classon Ave. and Franklin Ave.) Cash bar only. All guests must be 21+.
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