Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spike Lee along with DJ Spinna held a Michael Jackson tribute that will be remembered!!!

I have just returned from the Michael Jackson tribute party. It was held today, on his birthday, from 12pm until 5pm at Prospect Park located in Brooklyn, NY. Michael would have been 51 years young. Thousands of fans turned out to this event despite the threat of rain. The vast crowd of people stood, danced, cried and performed the ever popular "sway of hands" over this six hour party. DJ Spinna set up on stage and emptied his infamous crate of musical tunes such as "Beat It", "Off the Wall" and "Rocking Robin" that he slid onto his turntable and moved the crowd. DJ Spinna is a member of Keistar Productions that host the Stevie Wonder party in New York City every year. There were several surprise guest such as Ed Lover, Marty Markowitz and Al Sharpton,who,were on stage and each gave a short speech about the pop star. It was not surprising that half-way through the event, the sun pierced through a grey sky. Could it have been due to the cheers from fans floating up to the sky from the ground below? Spike Lee, Film Producer,Director,Father of two, brought out a cake on stage, complete with two candles and the crowd roared over Stevie Wonder's track" Happy Birthday" to the man who moonwalked all over our hearts. As the event came to an end, a somber crowd sang every last word of "Man in the Mirror" and then left in a peaceful manner. It now appears that Michael Jackson will only be remembered for all his great contributions to this planet over a thirty year span. Spike Lee along with DJ Spinna held a Michael Jackson tribute that will be remembered.
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  1. Yay Krystal! Love you girl. :-)