Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garnett Alcindor founded Collective Concept PR

Social Media, Public Relations & Branding Solutions Collective Concept PR is a cutting edge group specializing in using social media outlets. We use social media to expose our client's products/services to the 21st century tech-savvy marketplace.

We distinguish ourselves from the rest by employing innovative approaches to new web and media presence using cutting edge Internet Marketing and valuing our client's needs.

With passion and creativity, Collective Concept PR seeks to facilitate a motivating connection between our clients and their customers. We are always on the lookout for fresh innovative ways to communicate with the public. We focus on creating a demand, as well as ongoing loyalty from the most critical audiences. With our unique approach to web and media, we are constantly thinking outside the box. Thoroughly understanding our client's goals and the economic climate in which they operate allows us to pinpoint a clear path to success. Now that we've broken the ice, feel free to call us by our nickname CCPR.

About Garnett Alcindor
In 2008, Garnett Alcindor founded Collective Concept PR, of which she is the PR Director. Based in Brooklyn, this public relations company specializes in social media, branding clients for web-based marketing and educating the public about the importance of the web. While closely following the Presidential campaign in 2008, Garnett became increasingly interested in the power and necessity of the internet. Convinced of the phenomenal impact of social media, she has since transformed her PR work from that of a traditional, paper based company to one that is cost effective, far-reaching, and has a less negative impact on the environment. Using social media to convey her client’s messages, her PR work is targeted to create a significant buzz and raise awareness across sectors about her client’s products and services.

Ms. Alcindor is the founder of Social Media for Kids. Digg It! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook

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