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Lord & Whisper Skin Care is an amazaing spa expierence!!!!

About Lord & Whisper Skin Care:

Skin Care

A Lord & whisper facial will refresh and revive your skin leaving it silky smooth, clean and radiant. Our skin care services includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions, hydration and mask. An aromatherapy Décolleté massage completes this relaxing experience.

(from website) Services: 

Illuminating Hydrating Facial
This is the ultimate facial for skin experiencing dryness and dehydration. This illuminating facial will leave your skin with a bright glow.
50 min $130 *Maintenance Facial

Lactic Acid Facial
Perfect for excessive oily skin with break out conditions. Loosens and removes thesurface debris on the skin. This facial will help tame oil which will decrease break outs and leave the skin with a clean fresh feeling.
50 min $100

Skin Equalizing Facial
Extremely oily skin finally has an answer. Skin equalizing facial will help to restorethe skin’s natural acid mantle, and tighten pores. You will feel lighter, refreshed,and have instant glow.
50 min $100 *Maintenance Facial
The Radiant & Bright Facial
Excellent for all skin types. Vitamin C and regenerating anti-free radical agents an essential ingredient in helping the skin produce collagen and elastin. This facial willdeeply hydrate and give the skin a fresh moist look. This treatment is enriched withVitamin C to revitalize and stimulate sluggish skin and help minimize damage caused by sun and the elements. The skin is left feeling fresh and moist with a velvety texture.
50 min $130 *Maintenance Facial

Lord & whisper Clarifying Enzyme Exfoliant Facial
A quick pick me up clean and refreshing facial for someone on the go. Revive yourself with our very own clean and bright facial. Enjoy a cleanse, tone, steam, exfoliation, custom blended mask, and hydration. An aromatherapy Décolleté massage and a brown sugar scrub hot towel hand treatment completes this relaxing experience. (no extractions)
30 min $65

Specialty Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation - $600
To rejuvenate, rebalance and tighten the skin leaving a younger appearance and healthy glow. The use of Beta hydroxy acids increases collagen production by 300%. This intense treatment benefits all skin types. Skin rejuvenation leaves the skin looking younger. Gradual eliminating of scar tissue and lines. Stops damage and help the rebalance of the skin. Tightens the skin and promotes the skin to its fullest potential. Leaving the skin with a light healthy glow. Skin rejuvenation is an aggressive approach, which forces the skin to go through dramatic changes. It circulates new blood to the skin and increase oxygenation. Minimizes broken capillaries. All skin will benefit from this unique and dramatic process. This treatment will take you back in time with its spectacular results. Allowing the skin to function like it used to. This is the only process that can be used to renew the skin. Depending on the skin type, once a year maintenance is recommended.

Skin Rejuvenation $300
This is a perfect light peel to close and minimize pores. Excellent in the reduction for acne scars and excessive oily skin with break out tendencies.

Teen Facial - $65 /50min
This facial is designed for teens to help them with maintaining great skin and good skin care habbits. Deep pore cleansing facials are a must for those of you who suffer from breakouts and blackheads. This great and exciting facial is a complete facial which consists of cleanse, tone, steam, extraction, hydration, exfoliation, and a mask.

Flatiron Facials **Repair Facials

Lord & whisper Skin Care is using Collagen treatments as a "flatiron" to straighten out wrinkles, rebuild collagen and anti-oxidant benefits to help repair damaged skin.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - 50 min $130
~excellent anti-age repair facial for sun damaged and redness in the skin. Perfect for firming the eye and mouth area.

Wrinkles appear when skin loses its elasticity. This is due to decreased collagen production. While this process is natural and unavoidable as a part of our metabolism, free radicals interfere with collagen production and cause premature aging. Coenzyme Q10 has exceptionl antioxidant properties. CoQ10 will prevent damage to collagen and elastin production process and help you avoid wrinkles.

CoQ10 Vitamin C Collagen Facial - $140
Wrinkles and fine lines are a part of aging, but that doesn't mean anyone needs to see them. This is an instant firming facial with wonderful results. Collagen offers deep hydration to mature dry skin. L&w's Collagen facial is excellent to use before a special occasion. Our wonderful Collagen facial will leave your skin refreshed, calm and beautiful. It also helps to revive and freshen stressed, sensitive skin.

Red Wine Pomegranate Collagen Anti-Oxidant Facial - $140
~excellent repair facial for oily/acne skin

Concentrated Red Wine (full of phenolic compounds) is combined with Pomegranate to help detoxify and de-stress the skin. Soy-proteins, Hyaluronic Acid, Yeast and Chitosan deeply nourish and plump the skin to create fresh, healthy & younger looking skin. What a wonderful Anti-oxidant boosting facial for instant results. This facial fights free-radical which will help repair damaged skin and detoxify/destressed skin to create a relax and healthy look and feel.

Silver Collagen Facial - $140
• Strengthening Skin Immunity Function A silver ion having the effect of strengthening immunity within the body is absorbed in skin cell strengthening the immunity of skin itself that makes a healthy skin no matter how stressful by outside environment or make-ups.
• Moisture PreservationA silver ion's skin cell activation and the individual moisture preserving material (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) of Cosil Pack makes a moisturized, elastic and beautiful skin.
• Pore ReductionBy an elimination of dirt in pores, make-up residues, and sebum control, it recovers the original function of pores, and with a constant use, it helps much in pore care & pore reduction through shrinkage and contraction.
• Function of WhiteningBy the elimination of waste in pores and make-up residues the Silver Collagen facial will smooth skin and control sebum. Silver Collagen makes skin clean and clear also aids of silver ion in blood circulation which enable the skin to be more vital and clear.

Gold Collagen Anti-Aging Facial - $150
This incredibly complex formula based facial is a hydrogel technology encompasses the best ingredients to help skin look younger, softer and plumper. With 24 Karat Gold flakes this facial is designed to change the electromagnetic field of the skin improving blood circulation to repair damaged cells. Gold and collagen is added to react with and stabilize the electrons found in the molecules of the skin—protecting them from the damages of free radicals. Gotu Kola, Bilberry and Echinacea are also added to rejuvenate the skin and leave it lively and more youthful looking. 24 Karat Gold is combined with these great ingredients for maximum results. This facial is created to stimulate blood circulation to repair and prevent damaged cells. This Gold Collagen facial delivers its nutrients deep below the skin, thereby fighting the underlying causes of facial wrinkles and aging skin. Not only does it help reduce the appearance of existing signs of aging, but also helps prevent future wrinkles from forming and restores a healthy and radiant complexion. Fight free radicals to protect skin for external environment. Great anti-aging facial which will improve skin elasticity and will Leave skin lively and youthful looking with a bright and radiant glow.

Side Dishes - Additions to any facial

$20~Eye Treatments Gold Eye Collagen Mask - Anti-Aging 24 Karat Gold is combined with other great ingredients for maximum results- Stimulates blood circulation to repair and prevent damaged cells- Excellent eye treatment to minimize puffiness and flakiness- Fight free radicals to protect skin for external environment- Great anti-aging product, it improves skin elasticity- Leaves skin lively and youthful looking.

$20 ~Eternal Decollete Firming Neck Treatment ~ An exciting and rejuvenating, lifting firming treatment for the neck and decollete. The skin in the bust and decollete are is thin and delicate. It shows signs of aging, sun damage, tone, elasticity,wrinkles,and stretch marks. Lord & whispers unique blend of natural oils and vitamin emollients combined with infused hot towel aromatherapy will firm, soften, tighten and give your decollete and youthful and radiant glow.
$30/30 Hot Towel aromatherapy foot scrub and massage.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
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