Saturday, March 24, 2012

In need of a Graphic Designer on the fly? R.Abbott is the answer!!!

I was introduced to this wonderful designer a few years back, however recently her work is popping up all over town. So I tracked down this artist and she shared a thing or two about her work.

Krystal Knows!!!: Do you have a background in graphic design?

R.Abbott Designs:My background is in digital imaging, animation, and theatre costume design. It's actually funny, because when I began formulating my artistic identity in college (as cliche as that sounds...) I was positive that I did not want to be a graphic designer. At the time I felt that doing commercial artwork was selling out. So I took no classes in graphic design at all. I gained my technical knowledge through my photo editing classes, and eventually when I started working in advertising I realized that I was a pretty skilled designer. Working for that agency taught me the most about creating compelling images, and also about the in's and out's of the creative industry. I guess I still feel that graphic design is selling out, but I suppose I'm more comfortable selling out this skill than some of my others. Like, I don't think I would be happy being a professional crocheter, as much as I love doing it. But, everyone is a sell out on some level.

Krystal Knows!!!: Why is graphic design your passion?

R.Abbott Designs:I guess I wouldn't really call graphic design my passion. I love being a creative person. I love composition theory. I love thinking about the people who see my work. But, I feel I am destined for something beyond print design. Right now I am waiting to hear back about grad school (fingers crossed!), where I hope to gain more technical skills in a new wave of media technology. I'm interested in leaping into the world of interactivity, bridging the gap between the screen and the real world. I'm also interested in taking this new knowledge to promote better public media education. At this point in history every 10 year old in the country should understand how to use a video camera, edit a video, and share it with the world. I believe this goal is my passion.

Krystal Knows!!!: Are you planning on starting your own graphic design boutique?

R.Abbott Designs:In a way I am my own company right now. I call myself R.Abbott Design (I know, not very original... but it works). I'm working on developing a more formal structure for myself as a company. Eventually it would be really nice to work in a space with other freelancers, just as other breathing beings to make jokes with and force you to eat something once in a while. I enjoy doing my work alone for now, as it allows me to be more flexible and build my portfolio, but I could certainly foresee a partnership down the road.

Krystal Knows!!!: What is your favorite aspect of graphic design?

R.Abbott Designs: I have two favorite things about graphic design. The first is the process of finding inspiration from the goal of the project. (Maybe that is too cryptic). I think a lot of about the audience of any piece that I create. It's amazing the ideas that will come to you when you attempt to put yourself in the place of a person who may want a certain product. Sometimes I'll literally try to imaging being that person, and look at my design and gauge my emotions. I also do a lot of research. I've never been a 40 year old man before so I have to read a little to get a sense of that state of mind.

My second favorite aspect of graphic design is that feeling when you finally make the client happy. Most design projects can drag on a lot longer than you expected that they would. You have to change little details, or they aren't sure they like the color, or they want to go back to version two and change the font. It can be really exhausting but when they finally look at it and can't see anything wrong... then you won... then you get paid.

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