Saturday, March 31, 2012

SWEETS by Sil..... is a tantalizing new baking company which offers cakes,cupcakes and breads !!!!

On one cold day, I was writing, drinking a cup of coffee and eating an amazaing slice of banana bread by Sweets by Sil....It was by chance that I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful women who bakes one of my favorite deserts. Our meeting was random as Sil was delivering her banana bread at my favorite coffee house called Breukelen Coffee.

As Sil entered the room the aroma engulfed it with hints of nutmeg, brown sugar and vanilla that caused some patrons to stop typing on their laptops or in my case stop writing in mid thought. After we exchanged numbers and I explained that I am a local blogger and interested in a writing piece on her baking. I was immediately invited for a tasting and then the indulging truly began.

Krystal Knows!!!: Do you have a background in baking?

SWEETS by Sil: I do not (warm smile)

Krystal Knows!!!: How did you get started in baking industry?

SWEETS by Sil: I worked as a recruiter for 11 years and loved the job and when the economy crises began there were less job and obese eventually laid off. One day I needed to make cup cakes for my daughters school. I learned that the cup cakes went quickly(devoured). I then began to play with the cup cake receipes and by trying different cup cake receipes and add different ingrediates.

Hungry?  Drop on by Breukelin Coffee shop along Franklin ave in BK and sample one of Sil's delightful treats!!!

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