Saturday, March 31, 2012

Looking for a Yoga class? Check out Ms. Arianna Aquino!!!!!

Many of my friends often wonder how I hold down a full time job, write a food column, blog and at times provide publicitiy. I dont quite have an answer but I know that I need to relax more. So I heard about Arianna who is a amazaing Yoga instructor and litterly ran into her in my community and we chatted about her becoming a Yoga instructor.!!!

Krystal Knows!!!: When did you begin to study Yoga?

Arianna Aquino: I did an in depth study of Vinyasa (Flow combining breath and movement for energy and release) and Hatha (Stillness holding poses for strength and flexibility) Yoga training in College for 4 years as part of my BFA in Dance. After that I continued my training for 5 years by taking classes from various instructors. I feel it is important to stay updated and learn from others gaining not only more knowledge of yoga as a practice but adding variety and variations to my class.

KrystalKnows!!!: Why did you choose Yoga as a career?

Arianna Aquino: I have chosen Yoga as a practice and career due to it's physical as well as mental benefits. The focus of my classes are on the mind and body and how they correlate and respond to each other. In daily life our body responds to our thoughts and what occurs. Therefore in yoga by taking the focus to our body we can release and give the mind the opportunity to clear itself and create both inner peace and outer tranquility. Through Breath and Lengthening of the body we are able to bring life and release tension, strain, and stress. The things that drain the life out of us. And with Strength we are able to endure, carry, and uphold what life brings us with confidence, endurance, and power.

Krystal Knows!!!  Where do teach and practice Yoga?

Arianna Aquino: I currently teach and practice at various NYSC locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I also teach private clients as well as small groups.

For more information, contact Ms. Aquino at:
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